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I’m always amazed when I see new clients and exfoliating is not a part of their skincare routine, and yet they don’t think that “any” products work on their skin.

Whether your skin is dry, oily, sensitive or normal the benefits of exfoliating goes far beyond the surface!

Exfoliating your skin does not only approve the appearance and glow of the skin but also the ability for your skincare products to do what they are meant to do and get down to the deeper layers of your skin, where the real magic happens!

Here are 4 reasons you need to start exfoliating today!

Make a difference in your Fine Lines and wrinkles: As the skin ages the cycle of the renewal of skin cells begins to slow down, and the damage caused by the sun, pollution and other elements begin to show.  By exfoliating on a weekly basis you can prevent and minimize the appearance of things like age/sun spots and those pesky wrinkles that start to appear.

Allow your products to penetrate: The skin is in a constant state of renewing its skin cells.  If we do not exfoliate the upper layer of the skin, those old, dead skin cells just begin to build up and almost create a “crust” like layer.  Think of a plant that hasn’t been watered in a while – the top layer of soil becomes so hard that when you do try to water it, the soil has a hard time absorbing the water.  That is exactly how our skin works.  Exfoliation helps to get rid of that layer that is preventing the products to penetrate into the healthy layers of your skin – where the magic happens and you begin to not only shed the dead skin but the years!

Help to reduce the appearance of large pores: If your skin is prone to producing a lot of oil and has larger pores, exfoliating one to two times a week will begin to minimize those pores.  The last thing you want when you have an oily skin is to also have pores that look like the grand canyon!  By exfoliating regularly, it will help to reduce the congestion and build up of oil, dead skin cells and dirt – which creates the appearance of large pores.  BEWARE: just remember to not over do it!  Oily skin types tend to want to get that “squeaky clean feel” and by doing this you can create a bigger problem.  When your skin thinks that it is being “dried out” or “over exfoliated” it begins to produce more oil – be sure to avoid this!

Clear up acne and breakouts: Acne-prone skin produces more oil and sheds skin cells at at higher rate.  Which is an equation for BREAK OUTS!  When you combine these two and a bit of bacteria…disaster strikes!  Keep not only the outer layer of your skin healthy by exfoliating, but also your pores healthy and reduce the clogged pores and acne.

Oh! and put it in your schedule so you don’t forget 😉


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