Adult Acne…or is it?-2

“When I look in the mirror all I see is large pores and the oily complexion, its disgusting.”

When digging deeper into this with her, she shared all the horrible stories she still felt pain over from high school and the horrible acne that plagued her and still plague her, in her mind.

Her solution was to still be 3using harsh products on her skin trying to diminish the pores and get rid of the oil, there was no way she was gong to get a breakout!

I explained to her that by doing this she was striping her skin of all the good oils that would keep her skin young and glowing, and perpetuating the production of oil.

Dealing with the fear of “not wanting to breakout” was key. She thought if she didn’t use products that made her skin feel “tight” it wasn’t doing its job and she could potentially breakout.

Getting her on the right skin care regime and teaching her that oil in her skin is a good thing was just the starting point but by the end of the appointment she was feeling much more hopeful that she to could have glowing skin.

If you can relate to this story and need some direction with your skin, send me a selfie!

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Charity – the skin coach