How do you choose the right products for you?

Hey there, so let me guess…you head to the local drug store, maybe speak with a clerk but most likely not.
You diagnose your own “skin type” because of the “huge” breakout you just had – ACNEIC
and then you grab the closest bottle of clean and clear, cause what else would you get, and the bottle looks pretty!

Did you know that you don’t only have a skin type but you also have conditions and the conditions are always the first thing that you need to treat.

Most of us, just take a guess about the skin type we are based on the information that we have heard out there, let alone know anything about the conditions going on in our skin.

If we jump right to trying to treat the skin type it usually makes the conditions worse.

So you ask “well what do I do? Where do I go? Who can I turn to for the answers?”

Dermatologists will often prescribe meds.
Beauty counter workers are just trained on their skincare products – not skin, and
the drug store you are relying on your own demise!

Go see an Aesthetician who specializes in skincare!

An aesthetician who has gone to school to study the needs of the skin and active ingredients of products has the information and knowledge that you need!

How to find a good one, ask a girlfriend, ask google, ask your mother in law! Someone you know must have an aesthetician that they trust. Take some time and do your research, research the product lines that they use. Check out reviews online.

Book an appointment and when talking about products find out about samples or what their return policy is.

Its time to figure out what is harming your skin and what will help your skin.

If you have skin issues and really don’t know where to turn book in for a 20 min complimentary Skype skincare consultation with Charity Funk – the skin coach

Find out your skin type, skin conditions and the right products for you!