The story of me…1981

The story of me…1981

Let me tell you a quick story of Love, Faith and a few details about me you probably don’t know! 

Well I would like to say that I came out screaming (because if you know me thats what you would expect and it would suit who I am, but God must have known that ahead of time) so instead of screaming I was silent due to the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck far to many times.  My poor mother, that was probably her last moment of silence (if she only knew)!  

Not that she wasn’t used to screaming kids, there were already 3 at home waiting for me.  Now I don’t know all the details of these things (which if you keep reading this life sequel I have written you’ll find out why) but I will share them here the best I know with of course a little bit of embellishment (cause what would a charity story be if my ability to make a story that much greater wasn’t added).  

Like I said there were 3 at home waiting for me.  My oldest brother Rog, he was 12, my sister noon (her real name is Michelle but I have always called her noon and always will, because she’s my big sister noon) she was 10, and Luke he was 1.5 – so it was actually kinda like we had two families.  My mom decided that doing life with our father was harder so she gave him the boot (not sure if that happened just before I arrived or just after but I have no memories of him living with us), so it was my mom and us 4!  

Not exactly sure how she did it, considering we were a handful, ADD coming out the ying yang!  And to add to that we lived in the roughest part of town – the North end of Winnipeg.  Which is why I grew up dressing like and telling all my friends that I was “native” too.  (I just wanted to fit in, not be the white girl and truth be told I do have metis blood in me).  

Lets take a minute her and go back to the beginning of the story…me being born – silent.  Yah about that, I would say that was my first experience of faith.  Little did I know at the time, but the doc’s told my mom that I probably wouldn’t make it and she should prepare herself.  My mothers response to that was “God didn’t bring me through that to let my little girl die”.  And here I am!  

My mom was the best example of what christianity looked like, even tho she had a wicked temper and wasn’t afraid to beat us with the bamboo stick or wooden spoon!  Ask anyone that ever knew her and you’ll soon get to know that she could always find the bright side of things, she seemed to attract and care for the people that “no one” could love, and she boldly loved Jesus Christ.  These are 3 of the greatest gifts she gave to me, and God only knew that these things would be the things that would help carry me through in the years ahead.

This is just the beginning of my tale, to find out more click here!



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