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i'm not the bitch i used to be

the purpose of my pain, and how I turned it into my power-


Never enough time. Never enough money. Never enough results. 

Never enough…That’s what it came down to. I was just not enough.

No matter how hard I tried, hustled, created a plan, and then a new plan, and then another plan, I just couldn’t seem to achieve the goals that I so badly desired.

If this sounds familiar, then you and I have a lot in common.

Trying to end the incessant chatter about food, my weight, my body, my business. Setting new goals, intentions, law of attraction, nothing seemed to work, what was I doing wrong?

Why was I so flighty, inconsistent, up one day and down the next, why did I not have enough will power to stick to the goals I wanted, why was I so emotional and weak?

Once again, I was just not enough.

that was then, this is now-

I am now a certified brain health & life coach, entrepreneur & lover of people and life. 

I never graduated high school. To be totally honest I probably killed off half my brain cells (if not more) through my extensive drug experimentations…one can only handle so many horse tranquilizers!

This whole time, I had this story repeating in my head that I was a fraud and I really had no clue what I was talking about, I was stupid – a high school drop out and a good bull shitter, hoping no one would find me out.

Deep down I knew I had greater purpose.

Do you feel the same?

I desired more. This relentless voice, a quiet whisper, saying “there’s got to be more, I’ve got to figure this out”.

Let me tell you something…

You can achieve more, you can figure this out…and it’s not what you think.

I work with people who like me, desire more, know they are capable of more and know they have a greater purpose, but wonder if they will ever figure things out to get there, because they just can’t seem to connect the dots.

Here's the good news...

You don’t need more will power.

You don’t need more consistency.

You are not broken.

If this sounds like you, you may not be NEURO TYPICAL, but you are part of the exclusive club that I call NEURO RADICAL.

We are not like everyone else, and never have been. 

Are you highly creative, intuitive, energetic (most of the time) and full of great ideas?
But you feel like you keep trying and you just are not getting to where you want to go?

listen to me-...

Stop reading the self help books.
Stop trying a new productivity hack.

Stop looking for the next guru.
Stop thinking that you have failed or are failing.

Neural typical solutions are just going to make you feel more guilt and think that it should be different or easier.

Understanding where you are, where you are going, and how to get there with the brain you have is possible. Through my NEURO RADICAL coaching method you will save a whole lot of time, money, struggle, unmet goals and heart ache!

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