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The Neuro Radical Revolution started with me.

Well actually, let’s back it up.

It started in my mom and what she passed on to me.

Not only in her lifetime here on earth, but before I was even in her womb.
Her life. 
Her experiences.
Her trauma.

The neuro radical revolution is not a static thing.

It is not stagnant or complete.

It is ever moving, growing, evolving, expanding.
It is growing stronger everyday, within myself and others.

To be totally honest, it didn’t really start with me or my mom.

It has always been-

I’ve just put it into words, into a format, a method, a movement, and it’s attracting others who “get it” but may not have understood it yet.

When people have organs that don’t function as they “should”, heart disease, hearing issues, sight problems, etc.  
They don’t feel ashamed or try to hide it, because of feelings of inadequacy.  But so often when people have neural biological  differences, we believe that we are broken in some way.  That it is our fault.  Our secret that we don’t want others to see.

The neuro radical revolution is a light, shining on the darkness, bringing hope and healing to the wounds, eradicating the shame and pain.  Dissolving the misplaced blame.

Mental illness is often mental injury.
Mental health is brain health.

If they’re a part of your story,


If you learn to work with your brain it can be a part of your PRESENT POWER. 

Like a super hero with a power, until they learn to harness it and understand it, it can cause them and their loved ones great pain.

The neuro radical revolution is a movement that involves a method.

This method brings radical awareness and radical acceptance.
It teaches us how to understand and embrace our differences.
It opens us up to our deepest desires and shows us the possibility of achieving them.

It is my holistic approach to bring healing to our brains and bodies and therefore our lives.

It brings knowledge, understanding and tools to get focused and develop a plan and strategy that works for your biological differences.
Moving you into the flow of your life, instead of being controlled by your undercurrent.
Teaching you how to live your life by design, not default.

We are not like everybody else.
We never have been.
We never will be.

We are radical.
We are out of the box.
We forge the path, no one has walked.

That is what makes you unique and beautiful-

Step into the light and show your differences – don’t hide them.

Join the club of the neuro radicals.
It’s a method.
It’s a revolution.
It’s a game changer.

Begin seeing yourself as the gift that you are to this world, and step into all your light, love and beauty.

This is the Neuro Radical Revolution and you can be a part of it.

Join the Revolution Today and Kickstart your Brain, Body and Business into Health, Wealth and Balance. 


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