Breaking the cycle of
May seem Impossible.

Don't Give Up • Don't Quit • Time To Recommit •Go Get It!

  • Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels or stuck in life?
  • Do you feel defeated and frustrated most of the time?
  • Are you tired of not hitting your life goals?
  • Can’t seem to stop making those poor food choices?
  • Is self care nonexistent in your world?

Here’s the best news – As humans we are designed to evolve and it’s much easier than you think!

You've just never been taught.

I can teach you how

Let's get you to your goals

  • Increase your awareness; let’s take the time to look at your life from the outside.
  • No longer be controlled by your emotions and start making progress.
  • Make commitments to yourself, keep them, and build an unwavering trust with yourself to stay committed.
  • Lose the physical weight holding you down and build your physical strength.
  • Lose mental weight that’s holding you back and build your mental strength.
  • Set goals and actually achieve them.
  • Learn how to solve any problem.
  • Build a strong healthy relationship with yourself and your loved ones.
*What I offer is a very specialized and customized coaching program. 
To ensure the best service & results for my clients, I limit the number of clients I
work with per month, and have a step by step application process.
Please apply for your spot today by clicking the button above.*

And Break The Cycle Of


GOAL: Lose 70 lbs

“I was at a point of carrying so much excess weight and inability to cope with my divorce and future prospects. I  was feeling helpless, futile, depressed, hopeless and frustrated. Coaching with Charity was personalized (read more), one on one, that helped me see where I was going wrong, both physically and mentally. Charity and I connected a much more personal level than I have ever had with a Counselor or Psychologist. That connection made all the difference. Things started to change when I realized I no longer cried every time I thought about my current situation. When I thought about my future I had hope again. When my pants became to big to wear with a belt!

I have goals that I am attaining. My weight is now what it was in high school. I’m 14 lbs away from my goal weight! I have moved on with my life and am in such a good space. People at work are constantly commenting on how happy I seem to be these days. And of course they all acknowledge my weight loss, which is a total bonus. I never get tired of hearing how great I look! Now I have a plan to move my life forward and to follow my dreams. My thought patterns have changed and I no longer have “woe is me” moments. Instead I have “isn’t this interesting? How can I fix this?” Moments.

I’ve had so many people tell me recently that I have been an inspiration to them. I’ve never inspired anyone before! Being able to share what I have learned is the best gift I have ever received. My friends and family are now following my weight loss advice! I have people asking what I’ve done to become such a different person. It’s incredible. It feels fantastic and life is good!!”

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