My ADHD Story

Hi I am Charity, Im 38 and have lived my whole life with undiagnosed and untreated ADHD.
This has made a huge impact on my life.

When people hear “ADHD” they often think of hyper activity and the inability to focus.

My hyperactivity is in my…

My hyperactivity is in my mind and my ability to focus is not the issue but turning that focus on isn’t always up to me.

My brain likes to determine what is, or isn’t, interesting, which had a huge impact on me being able to actually achieve any of the goals I set in my health, life and business.

A slew of obsessive thoughts and new ideas flooding my brain like a rushing river.

Compulsively organizing to make up for the disorganized mind I lived with day in and day out.  

Forgetting important dates, tasks, misplacing things all the time, running late for almost everything, due to what I now know to be “time blindness”.  

Exhausted by decision fatigue and the worry of what I thought others thought of me, especially when I would forget to message them back – or because I was just too overwhelmed to message them back.

Many days filled with paralyzing anxiety, due to the chronic overwhelm.

Emotions flooding over me – one moment feeling unstoppable and like I could conquer the world,  and the next only to be taken over with what I call “the chicken little syndrome” and “the sky is falling” causing me to be frozen for chunks of time sitting on the couch and eating – foods that definitely were not helping my brain.

This is not because I’m lazy or even unmotivated, it is because I have executive function issues, a different nervous system and the pleasure centre of my brain working differently.  

When I would attempt to focus the blood flow would actually slow down in my prefrontal cortex (area of my brain where my executive functioning takes place) and dis-able my brain from being able to function.  

VERY FRUSTRATING when I did not understand what was happening and would beat myself up and try to force myself just “to keep at it”!!!  

If only I knew that I actually needed to rest my brain to help the “brain fog” and approach the task differently to be able to move forward.

For so many years I carried excess weight because I was using food to kick start my brain and get a dopamine hit while also trying to manage my anxiety and overwhelm!

Chewing my lips, headaches and depleted stress hormones were some of the health issues and side effects of my inability to understand and manage my emotions.  Instead I got good at stuffing them down as deep as possible and used my happy go lucky personality to camouflage what was really going on.

I had found success in my life but most of the time the story repeating in my head was that I was a fraud and I really had no clue what I was talking about, I was stupid – a high school drop out and a good bull shitter.  

I was a pro at seeing the faults, and I struggled to see any of my strengths (self dysmorphia, another ADHD trait).

Finding awareness, acceptance and understanding lead to being Diagnosed, which changed it all.

Here’s what I know.

I am highly creative, intuitive, energetic and full of great ideas because of my ADHD brain.

I now understand it’s my superpower, how to fuel it and how to use it.

I see the undercurrent that ran my life for so many years, and have now been able to get into the flow and out of the struggle.

What I didn’t see was that in all of my struggles and pain, I was creating a future, a program, a business that would help other women who have lived their whole lives in this exact story to find healing and freedom to tap into their super power.

Knowing how the ADHD brain works and all the obstacles/strengths that ADHD comes with, has given me the ability to create the perfect program to not just deal with it but to understand it and turn it into a SUPER POWER!

My program is based off of the 4 cornerstones;
Fitness; Brain & Body Health – mind/body/spirit
Future; goal/task/time/energy management skills
Finance; now and in your future
Relationship; with yourself and others

Anyone with ADHD knows how it can effect these major areas of their life.

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