Monk Mode Monday

I know what you’re thinking “are you a monk” and no I am not a monk, monk like qualities…i like to think so.  

We live in a fast pace world where approximately 35% of people are drinking apple Koolaid and I don’t mean the juice.  

Things are getting faster, people are busier and attention spans are shorter.  Hence the power and need for monk mode days and meditation.  

One day I stopped and asked myself this question “ when was the last time I went a day without any technology” my answer surprised me…

It was before I ever got a cell phone which I think was a freaking life time ago like seriously a life time – well 15 Year’s that seems like my whole life

Now let me ask u a question when was the last time you went on a vacation and found yourself not knowing what day or time it was?  During my last monk mode it was like I was on a mini vacation and I had completely shut off, forgotten what day it was, my “to do” list slipped away and I didn’t even want to know what time it was!  WOW, it was AWESOME!!!  I felt rejuvenatedated! 

Isn’t  that one of the greatest gifts a vacation has to offer.  The ability to completely be in the moment, in the now.  

One of my great teachers, Echart Tolle says that we cause unnecessary pain when we live in the past or the future.  Wishing something was different then it is, worrying about what tomorrow may bring, only brings us pain and suffering in the moment we are currently in.

This is the magic of monk mode. 

What is monk mode exactly 

An entire day without turning on my cellphone, opening my computer or turning on the tv.  

Hello, Are you still there.

I may have lost your for a moment but if you’ll stick with me I’m telling  you this may be one of the greatest practices that you could adopt.  

Monk mode gets addictive.

Monk mode has the ability to heal your brain.  

Monk mode can chnage your life. 

It will chnage ever so slightly and then over time is when you’ll begin to see the changes more and more.  And you will begin to crave that feeling, and the change. 

Do you think you could go a whole day without the teahnology we have grown to rely so heavyily upon – not only for doing life but for that dopamine hit.

Here are a few tips before you jump right in…

  1. schedule it on a day that you don’t have much going on or people aren’t expecting you.
  2. let your loved ones know – so they don’t panic!  You can also post something on your social media or set up an auto responder on your email.
  3. notice the “urge” to check your devices and how ofter that urge is there – its kinda crazy!

Try out a Monk Mode day and comment below on how it goes!!

3 thoughts on “Monk Mode Monday”

  1. I get so excited when we go camping and there isn’t service! Just the fact I have to use my brain and not Google answers instantly is beyond refreshing. I seriously cannot wait for the day I don’t have a work phone anymore( 4 months!). I love being able to unplug and completely recharge.
    Great advice!! <3

    1. Hey Chelsey! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Yes isn’t it great when we actually use our brains to figure things out!!! We have so much more wisdom inside of us that most of the time we don’t take the time to look within (and get quiet enough).


  2. My fave Monk Mode day (week-end), was when I went camping with friends. I had been having trouble with head aches. We rented a big cabin to share in a secluded camp site. We went for walks, swam in the lake, chatted; we didn’t know or care what time it was, and there was not technology. My head ache completely disappeared.

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