The story of me…2011

It’s actually very insightful to take the time to sit and write about your life, and when you do it in 10 year chunks, it’s truly amazing what can happen in that time!  

Now we are jumping ahead here and I am 30 – WOW…so much change.  

I grew up with a family in my small town, “The Stienhoff’s”.  Mom, Dad, and their two daughters Amanda and Ashley.  Now I have some GREAT stories with this family that we all still laugh about today, but they play a huge part in the direction of my life, I was now living in Winnipeg, high school drop out and working three jobs.  Ill never forget the phone call I received one afternoon from Amanda…

Amanda: Charity?

Charity: Hey Manda, what’s up?

Amanda: Yah so I enrolled you into this school here that I think you would be really good at, you just have to take a test because you didn’t graduate high school.  I had to pay $100 to enrol you but if you come here and go to the school you don’t have to pay me back, but if you don’t you owe me $100 bucks.

Charity: What the heck?  What kind of school is it?

Amanda:  It’s a beauty school, but its super modern and I think you’ll really like it.

OK lets pause right here.

I was the farthest thing from a beauty school girl!  At this point in my life I was a skater chic with a shaved head!  Why would she ever even think that this was up my ally???

Charity: I owe you $100 bucks if I don’t come…? How does that make sense?  Ok Ill come check it out.

Later that week I was on a plane to Ontario, took the test (oh and I think I got something like 97% which totally rocked my world, I couldn’t believe it).  And she was right, I loved the school!  It was new, modern, clean and organized – totally my thing.  The rest was pretty much history at that point, but one detail that is crucial here is that not only did she do this for me, but her parents, Sandy & Charlie, signed for my student loan and Amanda let me move in with her.   They really shifted the course and future of my life and for that I am ever grateful.  I don’t know if they will ever truly know how crucial they were in my life.  I know that God knew I would need them and even tho they always called me a “little shit, I knew they loved me no matter what, even when we threw parties at their Grandmas house when she was on vacation, when I was convincing their daughters to use my mothers “boob cream”, the talking dolls in the batt house and eating X-lax!  Oh gosh, just to name a few.  Thank You Stienhoff’s for your love and kindness and pretty much adopting me as a daughter.  

Ok so now, to try and make a 10 year story short…I graduated school, got an amazing job with a women who cared tremendously about me and treated me like her daughter and taught me I say everything I actually know about business, customer care and being meticulous about your work.  I went on from there because I had an attitude problem (you know young and thought I was the best and could do better).  

Then I got news that my father was ill.  He was living in Manitoba and was diagnosed with Cancer.  I never had that much contact with my dad, as my mother left him when I was still in her belly and I only actually ever saw him here and there in these odd situations (always odd, like him showing up at my school telling me he was going to take me to Mexico…like who does that to a 6 year old child – strange.)  Anyhow, I guess because I had already lost my mom I thought I should maybe get to know my dad because they said he had about a year to live.  So I sold all my stuff and I headed back West, Winnipeg bound on the train with my bags and two cats.  Sheesh that was a story in itself, just another adventure.  I do recommend train travel!  It was so awesome!  

Spent that year kinda floundering about, living and working wherever, but spending sometime with my father.  Got to know him a bit and realized why I was the way I was in some areas (that was neat to see).  But more then anything I was able to choose love for this man that so desperately needed it.  I don’t know the full scope of why I did what I did, and uprooted my whole life to come back and see this man that I never really had any connection with, but I do know that it healed something in me and it was a gift to him.  He passed and his funeral was a freakin gong show! LOL i have to write a blog about that at some point, just for the sake of documenting the story cause it was a classic shit show!  Oh gosh, just thinking about it makes me laugh!  (I will at some point write that blog).

This next part is where the magic happened.  I met my husband Chris Funk.  Oh yes, he was magical all right!  I thought this guy was some pompous, river heights boy, that came from an uppity family.  Well, we met, dated, got engaged and married within 11 months (or something like that, he has always been better with remembering timelines and dates).  But it was quick.  What can I say, he was the one, he swept me off my feet in more then one way.  Now we have been married coming on 12 years and we still look like we are 20 (we both say thats because we use good skincare and don’t have kids, they key to youthfulness!)  I have a lot that I could share here but for the sake of keeping this blog from getting totally out of control, Ill just say this, before you choose a life mate, be clear on what you want and don’t ignore the “red flags” that come up.  Chris and I had both been in intimate relationships before we were together, but one thing that I had decided (for many reasons, which I will later blog about) was that the next man that I was with I would not be physical with until our wedding day (not even a kiss on the lips ladies – we did have a few good cuddles.)  The purpose of this has unfolded in so many areas of our marriage today, gifts beyond understanding actually.  But I do want to say he loved me enough and respected that boundary even when I didn’t want to!  I love this man more then words can express.

Now to end this blog and this chapter of my life, another major shift occurred.  My oldest brother Roger was diagnosed with cancer.  I was going to include this story in here, but I have decided that there are many details and important lessons that if I include it in here it will just make this blog far to long.  So if you are wanting to read more about this next chapter of my life, click here and it will take you to the story of my bro.



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