The Missing Peace

What Is The Missing Peace?

The Missing Peace is a 2-day retreat and provides the following:

Day 1; Movement/Meditation/Mindfulness 

This is a time to press pause on life, a timeout for you, to retreat, restore, recalibrate and fill up your cup.

Through connection, learning and fun activities to promote health and wellness in your life.

Find clarity, make a plan, connect with others for support on your journey, and reenergize yourself, to end the year strong and set yourself up for the new year coming.

Day 2; Day with Doc (optional add on) 5 hour brain reset

Neural-scientific process to clear the patterns that trigger old behaviours

After the retreat, there will be a 12-week follow up on … (Charity needs to fill this part out).

Contact Charity Funk [link or form] for your consultation today!  The next Missing Peace retreat is November, 2021. 

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