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90 Day You Workshop

Monday Aug 10th 10am - 2pm PST

If you have never worked with me before this is a great place to begin (SPOILER ALERT; you can’t join one of my masterminds unless you have first completed this workshop).

In this one day (4hrs) group online video workshop, I teach my 9 pillars of an intentional lifestyle. As I teach, you begin crafting your “unique” 90 day plan from a heart centred, holistic approach – connecting to your deepest dreams and desires. Begin creating the habits that will shift you into the person who commits and doesn’t quit until she gets there.  You’ll enjoy all the fun, clarifying & interactive activities. You will rekindle your passion for life, clarify your direction, get focused, stay focused, gain the courage & confidence to take action and continue to adjust as you go until you get there. One of the fundamentals of this workshop, is building connections with other {KSP} family & female entrepreneurs and knowing that you are not alone – you also receive access to my weekly {KSP} family group to keep you energized, excited, focused and organized. It’s a beautiful community of amazing female entrepreneurs that are all on their own journeys, doing amazing things. 

Creating health, wealth and balance one step at a time, towards your true potential.

**Limited Space Available

Break The Cycle Mastermind;

Launch Date; Wednesday Aug 12th - Nov 5th

In this 3-month group mastermind, I teach a small group of women how to break the cycle that keeps throwing them off track when moving toward their goals. Learning to build belief in yourself and the possibility of your dreams is vital. Then building the courage to step out and go after it is scary as heck but way better when you have a group off like minded women cheering you on. With my holistic & balanced  approach you will begin fueling your brain, body & mind in a way that shifts your ability to create health, balance and wealth in your life & business. This isn’t just self care, self love or a goal achievement program, this is a revolution of change, for physical, mental and financial health, with female entrepreneurs leading the way. Get out of the busy-ness of your business and begin living a life that you desire and design on purpose. Clarify your dreams. Set your goals. Make a plan. Attain the tools. Take action & build momentum like never before. A life of greater joy, power, love and fulfillment is waiting for those who consciously decide to design and create it.

**Must attend “90 Degree You” workshop to be a part of a mastermind group.

**Limited Space Available – By Application Only 

Uncover Your Undercurrent
One-on-One Coaching;

By Application Only (space limited)

In my 3-month one-on-one coaching program I personally walk you through my process of understanding and uncovering your undercurrent. If you have had repeat cycle’s in your life that you just can’t seem to figure out, people seem to be moving forward but you’re not? It’s time to stop letting the power of the past determine your future. Stop letting your undercurrent direct and determine who you are and the life that you are living. It’s time to get into the flow of your life and begin enjoying the journey. Get out of your own way and begin creating habits that will take you where you want to go with a clear path on how to get there.

**Limited Space Available – By Application Only 

The Fundamentals of My Programs;

  • Fuel your brain and body; health & balance
  • Strengths & weaknesses; get into your flow
  • How to prioritize; first things first.
  • Focus & momentum; set and get your goals.
  • Create systems, structures and deadlines to stay on track.
  • Build resiliency and break the cycle of commit, quit, feel like shit.
  • Understand and overcome time blindness to manage your time and focus like never before.
  • Become self motivated.
  • Learn the art of breaking and creating habits.
  • Pivot your life; gain the capabilities & habits of a healthy, happy, successful YOU.
  • Strengthen your relationship with yourself and your loved ones.

Mastermind or one-on-one?
What's right for you?

The obvious difference is one-on-one or group setting. If you prefer one over the other then choose that one.  Some of my clients start in the group and then they decide they want to do some deeper, more personal work. If you know you are not ready for, or don’t like group settings, and know that there is something throwing you off course then it may be time to uncover and understand your undercurrent.

Do yourself a favour and make a decision now. Don’t waffle.

Wishing, hoping and trying will never be enough for you to live the life that you dream of.

If you really want to make changes in your life the first thing to do is just decide.

Give yourself that gift.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Since day one in every business I have owned, I have always offered a 100% money back guarantee.


I only sell and have only ever sold things that I believe can make your world and our world a better place.

If what you purchase from me doesn’t do that, then I want to give you your money back.  It’s that simple.

 I believe that if you commit to this process and apply the tools, your life will change forever – mine did.

Are you ready to change your life?

Here's how debby's life changed...

Before working with Charity I often felt lost and confused in my business. Coaching with her has taught me that I overcomplicate things. I get lost when I think about the big picture. I spin out in confusion and overwhelm. I stand in my own way and prevent progress.  Her 1,2,3 plan has brought such simplicity to achieving my goals that I am finally able to see the big picture. I am getting things done and achieving my goals. Without the overwhelm!

debby r-

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