One on One Coaching

Is This For Me?

This one on one coaching is for you if you answer yes to any of these questions:

Are you…?

  • At the end of your emotional, physical, mental or spiritual point of “enough is enough”?
  • Ready to go all in on yourself and make some serious changes in your life?
  • Nervous to start making changes, but know now is the time?
  • Ready to feel what living life in a healthy, happy and balanced body, mind and spirit is all about?

In private 1:1 weekly video calls, Charity creates the space as she guides you to dig into what’s been holding you back and to help you break free.  Providing you the framework to create your “Healthy & Happy YOU Road Map” and the tools to manage your calendar, Charity helps you to focus on your purpose and your life direction, set your goals, stay committed, and pick you up when you fall.

Everything Charity teaches comes from proven brain & body science methods & techniques combined with her own life experience of loss, trauma & abuse to her own healing & freedom from the wounds that were left behind.

Have a question about coaching before you jump in?


4 video/phone calls per month



2 video/phone calls per month



60 minute call

with Charity Funk


30 minute call

with Charity Funk


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