Emotional Coding

Emotional Coding

Did you know that we all have emotional coding etched into the fabric of who we are?

Have you ever found yourself in an emotional reaction, a pattern, an emotional response and you’re not sure why?

Every year, mid January, I would find myself in the same emotional pattern; feeling inadequate, a sense of heaviness, an overall blah. It’s an emotional code that was etched into me when I was 15, and my brain has been trying to get me to take action from that place ever since, to make right, what my brain deemed wrong.

There is no action to take, there is no action that can be taken to change the past. There is nothing to process and no heaviness to let go of. 

Just a shifting of my focus.

Turn your eyes on me sweet child. Look to my love, to my light, to my energy, in it you will find your strength – It is you.

We were never separated, it is only your mind that believed it was so. We are one, there is no separation. Separation is an illusion where all suffering lives. The suffering is over, the pain is gone. All that remains is strength, wisdom, perseverance, resiliency, resourcefulness, compassion, joy, peace.

Use this season as a gift, to retreat, restore, find peace and simmer in the stillness and healing power of the present moment.

This time of year is a time of quiet celebration. Reflection. Reminder of her life here on this earth and a celebration of her essence, energy that is still her and still here.

It’s a closeness to her that this season brings and I am surrounding myself in her energy. Her energy is here; strength, support, love and light.

I’ve got you my girl, just let go of the heaviness, it’s slowing you down.

It is in the resistance, that there is heaviness.

It’s in the rush of trying to get out of the heaviness that the persistence of the heaviness gets heavier.

There is nothing to get out of, there is nothing to resist.

There is only this moment where my energy exist, now, allow it to merge with yours.

Mom your energy is light and love. It is pure, it is strength, it is available to me to experience at any moment because it is the essence of who I am.

It is all that is born out of love, for it is the seed of love I was created in. It is who I am, It is who’s I am, It is my birthright.

Mom thank you for the life that you birthed into this world. That life is me.

This season will forever remind me of the beauty and purpose of the seasons.

It will forever remind me that it was in my pain that my purpose was revealed and refined.

We were never separate and we will never be separate. We are one.

I love you mom.

Now, every year, mid-January, I celebrate in this emotional pattern; renewal, stillness, rest, celebration, love, light, strength, compassion, and peace in this beauty-full energy that is me, that is my mom, that was always me I just had to change the lenses that I was looking through.

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