Time. What do you think about your time?

Do you ever wonder why you don’t get shit done? Sometimes I find that I can be so productive and it feels so good, right? Then there are those other times that I just done get shit done – why is that? It all comes down to my thoughts. My thoughts about my time, how much i have to get done, how i am going to do it, and the list goes on. When i choose to think these thoughts i begin to feel totally depleted.  Depleted of my energy and my gusto. And I don’t do anything. I want to sit on my couch with a bag of regular lays potato chips and DIP, and eat my life away. So whats a girl to do…? Have you ever thought about your thoughts about your time, tasks and to do list? Are your thoughts helping you or hurting you? Take the time to think about your thoughts.  Notice them. Ask yourself “how do I feel when I think that thought?”  “How is that thought serving me” Its amazing what you will begin to see when you take the time to think about your thoughts.
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