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Coaching to Create Health & Balance in Your Brain & Body
So You Can Create Health, Balance & Wealth in Your Business

I'm Charity Funk, Certified Life & Brain Health Coach.

I coach women (and ok, some men) that are not neural typical. 


Coaching the big dreamers of our world, who see the world through a different lens, is my purpose & passion. 


Living life with neural biological differences often comes with experiences and struggles that can cause a lifetime of pain. 


Lack of energy and focus, depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD/HD, brain fog, emotion regulation, the list goes on and on…trust me, I know.



I believe that with every source of pain there is power.


Shifting your past pain into your present power, enables you to  break the “repeat” cycle of what’s been holding you back. Learn the framework so you can get out of your own way, begin creating new habits, and take one step at a time to lasting change.


It’s time to live the life you desire, with a balanced healthy brain, in a body that you love and have fun doing it!


You don’t need another self help book, diet program or productivity hack. You need tools based on cutting edge brain & body science, and a coach who gets it, who will walk through it, with you in love and understanding.

Feeling unfocused, unmotivated or discouraged?


Those of us who don’t process information “typically” often have a really hard time managing our minds and brains – that’s what lead me to studying my own ADHD brain and the effects of it on my life. The more I share & talk about it openly, the more I find there are many other women just like me that need to know what I now know.

neuro radical life coach charity funk

The Neuroradical Revolution is a movement of women, who’s brains don’t function typically & therefore learning, achieving and just being, can be more difficult. “The system/s” of our world were created for the typical brain and work better when we’re all the same and typical, but were not. So the system doesn’t tend to work for us! I aim to remove the shame around having non-typical brain, and celebrate it, while learning & teaching ways that work best for us and begin using it as our super power. 

We MUST begin to accept and understand it.

Retreat +
Reconnect +

It’s you, your thoughts, your dreams and nature. 

Half day virtual workshops & full day in-person workshop & retreats designed for you to take time out, retreat, reconnect and restore your soul.

Let’s pause & connect to what matters.

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Desert Retreat
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